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The Living Organization
A Book By Norman Wolfe
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Improving Capacity

Quantum Leaders’ The Living Organization™ model is aimed at creating sustainable growth by achieving a dynamic balance between Demand and the organization’s Capacity to fill that Demand.

Capacity is the organization’s ability to deliver on the promised Value Proposition which is represented by the products and services it provides to the marketplace. Increasing an organization’s capacity is a function of the energy flow from the efforts of your people, leveraged by technology and tools and guided by the business process and business model.


TLOTalent™ – Energy flow from your people and people contribute energy in proportion to their skills, their understanding of the job to be done, their relationships with co-workers and their passion for the job. We will help you ensure you talent pool is being developed both in their job required skills and their level of maturity.

Leveraging the energy that flows from the efforts of our people can be increased by providing them with tools and technologies that leverage that energy. Often technology and tools enable activities that would otherwise not be possible within the confines of human capacity.

TLOStreamAlign™ – The business processes and business model serve to guide the flow of energy through the system directing it towards the desired results. Over time, these processes tend to become clogged and need to be streamlined.

Key to success is the leadership team’s ability to instill focus, passion and desire in the people to embrace and execute the strategic goals. With TLOStrategy™, we help the leadership team create the Vision that helps the workforce understand what is to be accomplished and why. It also helps establish the business model and process that will guide the energy contributed by the people.

With TLOCoachsulting™ Quantum Leaders develops the leadership team to ensure they are proactively shaping their future, developing their people, driving for success and leading with integrity. We assist with defining and instilling a culture that embodies the values of the organization.

Success will go to those companies that can execute through the efforts of outstanding people, operating as highly effective teams, achieving exceptional performance. From your board of directors to each functional department, we create an environment where the dignity of the human spirit is honored and enhanced; where your people, both individually and collectively, achieve their fullest potential and your Living Organization™ fully realizes its unique contribution.


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